Artcollector/Artist/ Arthistorian


Over 13 years of being an artist I decided in 2019 to begin collecting art. Through my experience as an artist and an art historian my main goal is to support local and global emerging artist. In the list below you find mainly contemporary artist of all genres.

To support the emerging artist, I collect a mix of emerging and mid-career artist to push them by the collection value. I follow my own three rules bevor someone make it in the collection.

  •  A certain kind of quality and talent
  •  A good predictable chance that he still be in the market after years
  • And of course, it must fulfill my personal esthetics

A good mix of all three rules paired with gut instinct and experience took me to this fantastic works by the following artist.

Basco, Tosh

Bruguera, Tania

Buder, Gertrud

Buren, Daniel

Chetwynd, Monster

Christo & Jeanne-Claude

Creed, Martin

Deckmann, Johan

Emmer, Inessa

Gille, Sabine

Graubner, Gotthard

Grosse, Katharina

Harnisch, Franziska

Hein, Jepp

Hesselholdt & Mejlvang

Holzer, Jenny

Horne, Matt

Ihme-Krippner,   Annette

Jakubat, Christa

Jöhring, Markus

Jones, Rich

Kauz-Schleicher, Christel

Kemp, Tom

Kottkamp, Helmut

Kwade, Alicija

Martinez, Mauro C.


Murphy, Benjamin

Nguyen, T

Olde, Sven  Henric

Oltmanns, Jan

Pajonk, Daniel

Petrick, Udo

Ryschawy, Nina

Ryschawy, Werner

Steimel, Sebastian

Stölzel, Claudia

Strak, Katarina

Stüke, Thomas

Tomic, Biljana

Tovborg, Alexander

Troche, Volker

Valenta, Philipp

Vascellari, Nico

Wejrot, Malin

Wiesel, Klaus

Wohling, Monika

Wonder, Mia


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